10 ways to earn money watching videos

It completely shuts your mood-off when watching your favorite video and suddenly ads interrupt. What if you are paid to watch?

Inbox Dollars

This platform allows you to watch different videos and earn money off of it once you hit the threshold you get the money.

My points

Complete a playlist of videos on my points to start earning watching videos and earn up to 500 points per day


A popular reward’s program platform swagbucks, it lets you earn searching the web, surveys, email and watching videos.


You can watch videos and earn money on adwallet, companies offer surveys that are focused on your interest.

Nielsen computer & mobile

Nielsen computer & mobile will pay you to watch videos by sharing your browsing data to the respective company.


Netflix hires for editorial analyst called taggers that include research, tagging, rating so it’s convenient for people.


Grab points is another way to earn money watching videos for that you will earn points and can redeem via PayPal.


Viggle allow you to earn points watching shows and movies and earn points and can redeem points via PayPal cash.


A reward program (irazoo) has to offer more than 50 channels of video, collect points and redeem it through PayPal.


Well, you have another reward program (Fusion Cash) get points for watching videos and redeem it for cash/reward.

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