8 Best Remote Jobs

There are many remote jobs that pay well and making $50/hr is not a huge task if you were able to work full time.

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Cybersecurity Analyst

To keep a company’s and its customer data secured cybersecurity analyst comes into place and is a valuable asset.

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Data Engineer

Data engineer acts as a communicator between data scientist and software and recruiters can pay up to $72 an hour.

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Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure engineer makes sure system is running smooth in general they maintain company’s computer system.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

COVID 19 has helped switched already traditional work one such is clinical social worker basically a telehealth worker.

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White Hat Hacker

Ethical hacker also goes by the name “White hat hacker” that looks for weakness in applications and provides solutions.

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Full-Stack Software Engineer

Proficient in HTML, CSS and other programming languages “Full –Stack software engineer” develops client and server software.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence analyst is proficient in extracting data that creates meaningful finance and market intelligence reports.

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Side jobs to make money

Side jobs are easily accessible work from home part-time jobs that allow you to earn some money with little effort.

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