9 immediate hire work from home jobs

Since COVID 19 pandemic Internet searches has seen massive growth in immediate work from home opportunities.

1. Freelance writing

There are few online marketplaces that hire beginner or entry level individual to get started with the work.

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2. Proofreading

The task of proofreaders is to make sure everything is correct in a written document, meaning no silly errors.

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3. Amazon mechanical turk

A crowd sourcing platform that is suitable for both business and individuals who are looking for online jobs.

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4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products/services for a small percentage for each sale you make.

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5. Social media marketing

There are hundreds of jobs related to social media that are hanging in every reputed online marketplace.

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6. Virtual assistant

These tasks vary depending on the industry you are working with that includes social media, data entry and email marketing.

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7. Start a blog

You can start a successful blog  with a domain & hosting and share you knowledge with the world.

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8. Transcription

A transcriber, listens to audio files and translate it into a written words which has three different categories.

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9. Web designing

In this technological age everybody wants to be online whether personal or business and website creation is the need of the hour.

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