Do you want to earn more without much effort to run a business or side hustle?

I will share with you some unique ideas to generate passive income

What is passive income?

Passive income is a method of generating money which requires little effort to manage and run.

High yielding saving account

It is a similar type of saving account that pays you 20% - 50% more on average on normal savings account.

Stock trading

The act of trade in which you buy stocks and sell it for profit in which you earn a good passive income for each insight.

Rent properties

Depending on the primary locations you can start investing in real estate which has the potential of making huge money.

Sell digital products

It is one of the trending ways to generate passive income to indulge in creating digital products and selling it online.


Well, creating eBooks are crazy passive income idea that makes you money overtime with easy to accessible across all platforms.


There are plenty of passive income ideas to start working from home with less effort Automate your business with little effort.

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