Why Workers Continue Quitting Their Jobs

The COVID 19 Pandemic has changed the way we work and to compound the great resignation totally annihilated.

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The Pay is too low

The low pay rate is still the bone of contention in the politics this has resulted in mass resignation in various sector.

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No Opportunity

So, besides low pay wage 63% of workers stated the lack of advancement in their field is the potential reason to quit.

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No respect

There is no respect for the employees stated 57% of the workers and played a big role in great resignation.

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Lack of quality time with the spouse can have serious consequences that COVID 19 pandemic has nudged to appear.

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Job didn’t work

Several issues like flexibility, paid time off, health insurance were the main factors that led people to quit job.

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What employers can do?

There is no good pay and one of the primary reasons that people have opted to quit their jobs. Increase employees pay.

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More benefits.

Employers should provide family leave, in-day office care, better health insurance options and more Paid time off.

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Company’s Future

Include your employees as your team is of Utmost importance to boost morale, if you limit this they will definitely quit.

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Respect your workers

Accolades, compensation and acknowledgement is a pure gesture to make sure your employees they are respected.

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Side jobs to make money

Whether you are out of corporate jail, beginners & looking for flexible part time side jobs you have good things to do.

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