9 remote jobs with little experience

Remote work is the need of the hour while there are more companies calling for remote work opportunities.

1. Customer Service Representative

Anyone with effective communications skills is eligible for the role of customer service representatives.

2. Writer

An effective freelance writer creates copy for blogs/businesses/whitepapers/copy writing/companies and more.

3. Data-Entry Clerk

You don’t require a higher qualification to land a data entry jobs there are legit companies that offer you data entry work.

4. Graphic Designer

A great stunning portfolio can help you land a high paying graphic designing work if you are skilled enough.

5. Software Engineer

If you are knowledgeable enough to code in more than one languages you have the skill to land software jobs.

6. Online Community Manager

Online community managers are required to maintain the law & orders of online platforms without any escalation.

7. Insurance Agent

Nowadays an Insurance agent with the required skills can land a job this job to sell Insurance to customers.

8. Tutor

Online platforms have provided an unlimited opportunity to scale in the education sector teaching to prospects.

9. Outbound Call Agent

As an online outbound call agent you will have the opportunity to work with telemarketing, customers and sales.

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