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freelance writing jobs for beginners with no experience

Best freelance writing jobs for beginners to make money 2024

The best freelance writing jobs you should consider to boost productivity working at home this lockdown in 2024.

Best freelance writing jobs

The online job has revolutionized the workforce, creating a completely satisfying way to legitimately work from home.

It was completely unimaginable that people could earn a living from home one way or another.

Thank the internet!!!

Since the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic, the rush to online opportunities have surged massively and online writing jobs are growing

Companies now prefer to hire employees remotely for their businesses, due to the increased performance of remote workers.

The future workforce published on Upwork has mentioned some key factors about remote working and its importance.

Like 68% of HR (Hiring Managers) believes it is more compatible in our modern society and wants to stick with it.

Online working will continue to influence in 2021, with nearly 26.7% of the workforce working fully remotely.

In the next 5 years, the strength of people working online will double which is estimated at 16.8 million to 36.2 million by 2025.

Popular Online writing jobs to work from home

Freelance writing jobs are a diverse career and allow you to make money working in different sectors in the industry.

You can work in any sector you feel good about like writing for magazines, products review, blogs, reviews, and eCommerce.

So, having a wide array of opportunities to start your career in writing is an advantage for any beginner to earn money.

– Freelance writing
– content writing
– Social media management
– Digital marketing


While working online provides you benefit unlimited from less travel of offices, flexibility, good pay and complete satisfaction.

You can also use it to substitute your monthly with working online for different industries like eCommerce and blogging.

I will discuss freelance writing and the huge scope of freelancers to create content online for blogs and businesses.

Online jobs for freelance writers

How to start a career in freelance writing when you have no clue or experience to start online?

With so many sectors in the line, you have some popular fields to start finding the right writing jobs online for you.



Academic writing






Like you can choose from the list mentioned above and work accordingly to start pitching to clients on different digital marketplaces.

So, here you will find the best marketplaces to find the perfect jobs for you.

Best List of online freelance marketplace

1. PeoplePerHour – Best freelance writing jobs

It was started in 2007 since then it has offered freelancers a means to earn money online working from home.

PeoplePerHour is good for beginners to find freelance writing jobs online.

To create content Online on tech, SEO blogs, digital marketing, cryptocurrencies, business, marketing, and branding.

It’s a perfect platform to sign and start pitching to relevant clients from all over the globe.

Also, you have some other options to promote your services like a catalog that allows any clients to hire for specific services.

2. Guru – Best freelance writing jobs

Guru is also a great source to find legit freelance writing jobs with clients almost spanning almost every country.

It’s a reliable platform beside the two most popular Upwork and Fiverr and is most suitable for beginners to get started.  

Till now guru has paid $250 million dollars and has a community of 3 million networks worldwide.

Due to its flexibility and support, it’s easier to start offering your services and millions rely on Guru for an amazing experience.

To find the best freelancers Guru Displays their reviews and transactions with each account single-handedly verified.

Its reliable & flexible way of work and the option of multiple payment methods make it the best choice among freelancers.

Go check out this freelance platform.

3. Iwriter

It’s time to have your high-quality custom content for $1.40 with iwriter.

Iwriter is a legit community of learned freelance writers that can easily take tasks on blogs businesses, articles, marketing, etc.

From the start, it is said to have created more content than any other freelance platform since 2011.

If you are an expert dealing with articles, rewriting, blogs, product descriptions, and content you are in the right place.

Excellent writers with their own expertise have the option to earn more having their own clientele with flexibility.

Go sign up with iwriter now and explore the world of freelance opportunities unbounded.

4. Freelancer

It is the most reputed crowd-sourcing platform started back in 2004 that has provided opportunities to hundreds of online workers.

If you are looking forward to starting freelancing with the advantage of growing in any particular field this is the place.

Well, then freelancer is the place to should invest your time in creating content and scale your freelance writing career online.

You can with this platform start selling your services to people around the globe and create content in exchange for money.

Freelancer gives you the opportunity to monetize your free time by selling your skills in different categories.

And monetize your free time working within different niches to substitute your income working from home.

Like writing for tech articles, pet blogs, food blogs, crypto-currencies, WordPress blogs, businesses, marketing, and so on.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a workplace with hundreds of new jobs posted daily that is suitable for beginners and expert both.

Freelancers have the opportunity to grow their business online with its simple and comprehensive way of earning jobs.

Like Bidding to proposals that match your profiles and skills you are expert in with connects you get with signing up.

It makes it super flexible for beginners who want to start out with entry-level jobs that are easy and demanding.

As the study suggests that the percentage of the workforce in the US that has gotten into freelancing is 36% and growing.

The switching of traditional jobs into freelancing is fuelled by the experts, young, and job seekers to find a reliable way of earning money.

Similarly, professionals and online jobs seekers are finding this way more productive to substitute their income working online.

So, Upwork would be a great choice for anyone to start their career in freelance writing regardless of the level of skills you have.

It makes it a unique and accessible way to earn money online.

6. Media Bistro

Media bistro is a platform that is full of online jobs opportunity; it’s a community of Jobs that serves media & content experts.

If you have been looking for a reliable platform to find legit jobs and scale your career accordingly this is the place (Media bistro).

By finding jobs in media & content you also have the opportunity to learn specific skills to advance your career.

To work full time or part-time you can tons of matching jobs that suit your skills and expertise.

Writers who want to earn some valuable reviews bring their skills and expertise media bistro offers them a wonderful opportunity.

Top companies showcase the requirements of their job from top 100 to fortune 500 companies on this platform.

So, having a vast array of jobs requirements you can pick up the best that matches your professional career.

7. Scripted

Scripted is a legit marketplace that hires professionals copywriters and freelance writers bringing opportunities at your fingertips.

It provides great support to writers from learning; building portfolios, writing for top companies, and good payout.

You have the chance to write for 37 different industries with excellent support; payment protection and ease to use.

The company strives to bring out the best in you so that you have the chance to excel in your profession without bound.

As the company always looks to add professional writers to their team you can also choose the topic you are interested in.

The platform welcomes experts & beginners that allow you to build your portfolio if there are not any clients you have worked with before.

It keeps checking that you get the job based on the specific skills you possess matching great clients with work.

Scripted handles your work requirements even when you have no idea where to start.

8. Listverse

Are you interested in writing list posts on trending topics that are enough to attract a wide range of audiences this is for you?

Writing on top 10 interesting topics can be fun and enticing that engages the audience and explore more of that topic.

There is a huge list of topics that this site (Listverse) covers from entertainment, health, Games, Foods, and science.

You don’t have to have an expert to get started on listverse save good understanding of English to write on unusual topics.

So, here’s how it works, you need to write an article in a simple native tone that will interest their readers.

For this you need to email them your content and wait for approval, if you happen to be selected you will earn $100 for that article.

9. Medium

Medium is very popular among writers to get the work published on the web easily.

Despite having the option to get your content online you can also earn from publishing your article on medium.

If you have an interesting story to tell and amaze the large network of the audience who use medium this can be very profitable.

Like-minded writers like you can share their content on its platform and get paid for your work, when people engage with your article you earn money.

It’s free to publish your article and when you start receiving an adequate amount of audience then you can apply for the partner program.

If you are a good writer that can engage an audience with your stunning work this is the place for you to join.

10. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that lets like-minded people connect and grow collectively to scale their businesses.

It has a huge network of professionals from all over the world with unlimited opportunities to build for entrepreneurship mindset.

Companies often post their writing requirements on LinkedIn to hire the best professionals that suit their needs.

Finding jobs on LinkedIn is easy as compared to another platform with your own personalized profile that highlights your expertise.

Individuals of all backgrounds and professions use this platform to grow and scale their businesses accordingly.

With your own personalized profile, you can be visible to a wide network of audiences and have the opportunity to pitch your favorite clients.

Share it with your friends and family to get started easily.

Related Posts

How do I start freelance writing with no experience?

There are plenty of more legit sites which are more helpful to land a good remote job so you can start making money writing.

In spite of tons of opportunities online there has been a never-ending requirement of good writers.

The lists are massive like products description, copywriting, ghostwriting, white papers, businesses, blogs, and websites

Find the topic you are interested in to explore more job opportunities online and have unlimited possibilities.

To start with freelance writing I would recommend you to get along with sites like PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru.

You have several options to create your profile for the free method and the paid method.

Create your profile with the top skills you own and apply for jobs related to that particular niche.

Other few sites like Listverse and medium are a great sources to build your portfolio online.

How much do aspiring freelance writers earn?

Content writing is a very diverse career and pay is related to the skills and expertise you possess.

Different level of writers is paid accordingly, the skills they have and the content they come up with.

In addition, you can earn a handsome amount of money from the start itself with in-depth knowledge and insight.

Based on the report of the pay scale, the payouts of writers are from $10 – 50 per hour, which also can be high on other platforms too.

Writers in the United States earn $20 per hour and in other countries like the U.K, the pay is £14.87 for entry-level.

While Canada records $20 – $25 per hour on an average.

It still holds the list of highest-paid online jobs and the opportunity is growing with each year growth of line businesses.

How to find freelance writing jobs for beginners with no experience?

There are plenty of sites online that provide you an unambiguous opportunity to scale your writing career.

On average writers with a decent background can earn $1000 per month or higher.

And Sites like Flexjobs are great to find legit online writing jobs and are the choice of millions of expert writers.

For someone who is a beginner in the field, Upwork is the best freelance marketplace that provides equal opportunity to everyone.

Few other great sites are Guru, freelancer, PeoplePerHour is also a good start to look for writing opportunities.

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