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Remote tech jobs Top companies to work hiring now

Remote tech jobs: Top companies to work hiring now

Looking to work in remote tech jobs, here are some top companies that allow you to work remotely in IT hiring now.

Remote tech jobs hiring now

A flexible lifestyle is a dream of a lot of tech enthusiasts with the rising IT work there are high-paying remote tech jobs.

IT jobs are in huge demand and with it, a lot of work from home companies are hiring workers remotely.

The options to work remotely are not restricted to customer service, data entry as the list of remote tech jobs suggests.

Information technology increasingly dominates the remote tech jobs there lay numerous ways to earn.

Companies allow you to earn money sitting on your couch, these remote tech companies are nowhere behind.

Large corporations to small businesses are seeking tech enthusiasts to fill their much-required high-paying remote vacancies.

Just like any other remote companies offering work from home jobs in sales, finance, writing, editing, and designing.

If you have just graduated from college & looking for high-paying employment opportunities in the tech space this is it.

You will find showered with hundreds of jobs in tech writer, software engineer, data analyst & digital marketing space.

So, sit back and enjoy the much-awaited remote tech jobs opportunities that allow you jobs that are high paying.

High paying remote tech jobs

1. Digital marketing specialist

The internet is not only used for acquiring information or binge-watching instead lot more can be done over it.

With the influx of businesses online there is a lot of effort in the field of marketing that you can do to earn money.

A digital marketing expert uses online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google to drive results.

Depending on the work you will plan ads campaign through social media & Google and drive meaningful growth.

So, you with this ever-growing space can start a career as a digital marketing specialist and earn sitting at home.

2. Data analyst remote tech jobs

Data analyst plays a significant role in predicting the amount of information they collect using different tools.

Using Tools generally used are R, SQL, and Python.

These tools help them collect large swathes of information, data and with insight derive calculated results.

The information collected is helpful for businesses and companies to plan design and is crucial for decision making.

One of the high-paying tech jobs that are growing is if you can master this skill you can work with the best companies.

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3. Data scientist

Unlike data analysts, data scientists are key players in the companies’ team that converts raw data into actionable steps.

There are growing numbers of organizations using informational data for their day-to-day operations.

The data help them predict the demand of a particular item finding the perfect solutions for businesses.

You will be collecting data from multiple sources using AI, data mining, machine learning, and deciphering it for use.

Businesses in order to grow and scale it to another level that helps from this collected information for their next move.

Likewise, data scientists are in high demand in many sectors like eCommerce, retail, IT, health, research, and finance.

4. Front end developer

Increasing numbers of web applications & mobile devices have created high demand for front-end developers.

Companies hire front-end developers to create engaging applications that are user-friendly through coding.

They use coding languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that users see, click from the front of a website.

Like fully functional user interface that includes buttons, pages, links that are used by a website owner.

5. Back end developer

Unlike its counterpart, back-end developers take responsibility for servers & systems it is running on.

They both front & back end developers work hand in hand while the latter integrates the smooth work of front end developers.

You will also be assigned for maintenance, create a database to check the smooth running from the front end side.

As a back-end developer, you can find hundreds of high-paying jobs sites like litmus, dovel technologies, and Toptal.

6. Full stack engineer

Full-stack engineer is a master of both front & back end developer & capable of building a website from start.

Just like other full-stack developer uses languages like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and Java to develop applications.

In addition, they are familiar with databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and servers Apache with UI/UX design.

A great deal of good communication skills is required, eye-catching detail, managerial, analytical with excellent teamwork.

7. Software engineer

Software engineers are required in any industry you choose be it game, mobile or web development.

Also, it focuses on analyzing, testing, and creating technologies that help run businesses and organizations.

You can find tons of opportunities online for a software engineer that is too high paying if you can highly skilled.

8. Technical writer

There are topics that need to be narrowed down in a simpler and clear manner to let a layman understand.

That mainly includes how-to articles, help sections, sites help articles, and other complex tech-related terms.

So, if you have the ability to transform a complex procedure into a step-by-step clear manual instruction it’s for you.

Moreover, technical writers are highly popular in the writing space and often work for big companies that pay well.

9. UX Designer

This one is for someone who uses their creativity to improve the user experience of the website by fixing the flaws.

UX Designer uses their ability to create an impressive and satisfying model of websites & apps for good interaction.

You will work with different website owners to find minor flaws for a more compelling and better performance.

There are plenty of jobs available on the online marketplaces, as a UX Designer, you have the potential to earn well.

10. Online teacher

Online teaching has become the new staple of learning things and if you are a master in any subject this is for you.

The increasing popularity of eBooks and coaching are some of the best paying work from home jobs to get into.

With it, you can address a large part of audience teaching in the subject in which you have mastered excellence.

You can monetize your skill by working in your home office creating eBooks or teaching online and online courses.

11. Web designer

If you have a love for creating jaw-dropping digital space this might be for you, as a web designer you will earn well.

A website designer turns imagination into reality by creating stunning websites through different tools.

The skills you may have are knowledge of Photoshop, UI & UX, Graphic design, typography, and website builders.

In some cases, you are well versed in coding as well, as you have different customers to serve in online marketplaces.

12. Quality assurance manager

As the name suggests, quality assurance managers are hired to maintain the standard among the workers and products.

You have to analyze in order to arrange plans to lift, motivate and improve the quality of workers seeking to enhance products.

Quick in response, analytical minds, creative thinking to come up with new ideas are some of the traits of QAM.

Top remote tech companies entry-level jobs hiring now.

1. AWS

AWS is a cloud platform that offers more than 200 services with data centers situated globally.

As for open positions, AWS has around 29237 jobs waiting for you to start to bring your talent, passion & innovation to work.

You can find jobs in administrative assistant, business development, data science, marketing, sales, software & management.

If you want to switch to remote work you have remote only positions that range from sales, games, and developers jobs.

2. Cyber coders

Cyber coders started in 1999 is the best recruiting & staffing firm and is awarded the best employment firm by Forbes.

Whether you looking for a job or seeking a nice position in a renowned firm cyber coders are there for you.

As for now, you can find jobs in accounting, finance, healthcare, engineering, mortgage, technology, and biotech.

3. Cimpress

Cimpress was started by Robert Keane, back in 1994 to provide low-cost custom products with good quality.

It provides jobs in technology that allow businesses to leverage with its shared modular technology.

As for now, you have jobs for software engineer, director, full-stack developer, UX Manager, and automation engineer.

3. Cloudbees

Cloudbees is a leading software technology company that focuses on developing and delivering softwares.

You can access here jobs in field operations, data engineer, front end engineer, full-stack engineer, and UX designer.

4. Coalition technologies   

Coalition Technologies offers a wide array of digital marketing solutions like web design, PPC, traffic, and development.

For remote tech jobs, you have openings in magneto developer, PHP developer, and Shopify developer.

5. Datadog

Datadog offers the latest security and monitoring solutions for cloud-based companies together with metrics & useful data.

You have jobs openings in engineering, sales, technical solutions, and marketing.

There are open positions in IT security engineer, security analyst, senior information security analyst, and

tech evangelist.

6. Figma

Figma has given designers an online tool where they can thrive with fellow workers and come up with something amazing.

So, it is a wonderful platform to take your passion for design to the next level and for remote tech jobs workers alike.

You have jobs to work as an engineering manager, software engineer (developer), technical writer & technical recruiter.

7. Github

One of the largest & trusted platforms where companies come to build, deliver and maintain their software on Github.

Join you find on GitHub are a data analyst, DevOps engineer, senior software engineer, tech risk analyst & support.

8. Pantheon

Pantheon is a website operations platform specifically for WordPress & Drupal where you can manage it on a single platform.

The company has jobs listed for technical writers, senior backend engineers, tech program managers, and renewal managers.

10. SAP

SAP started in 1972, located in Germany with its foothold in financial, energy, public services, and other industries.

The company allows you to work in remote tech jobs that include full-stack developers and software engineers.

Summary: Remote tech jobs hiring now

These jobs site mentioned above are a gold mine for IT professionals looking for high-paying careers in tech fields.

The idea to land a high-paying remote tech job is to find relevant job boards from above and start applying.

Or you are looking for some more suggestions I have for you in the list below.

Entry level remote tech jobs websites

  1. Transparent language
  2. IWG
  3. Files
  4. State of California- student aid commission
  5. AWS
  6. Dovel technologies LLC
  7. Insightly
  8. Moove-it
  9. Litmus
  10. Asurity technologies
  11. Quest analytics
  12. Paktolus
  13. Alight
  14. Cyber coders
  15. Github
  16. Kelly
  17. NTT DATA
  18. Pearson
  19. Randstad
  20. Twilo

Junior level remote tech jobs to work from home

  1. Web & mobile programmer
  2. IOS developer
  3. Ruby developer
  4. Junior web designer & developer
  5. Devops engineer
  6. Technical writer
  7. Search engine evaluator
  8. Customer service representative
  9. User experience analyst
  10. Customer success enginner

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