You are currently viewing 10 easy high paying remote jobs without a degree 2024
High paying remote jobs without a degree

10 easy high paying remote jobs without a degree 2024

Tired of looking for jobs? Here are the easy high paying remote jobs that require no degree 2024

High paying remote jobs no degree

Did you know you don’t always need a bachelor’s degree to bag high-paying remote jobs?

Companies around the world prefer technical skills and expertise in opposition to a college degree for different types of jobs.

That’s exactly what I am going to show you in this post, the types of positions you can work at home and earn more.

According to salary, the average salary of a remote worker is $32,132-$37,518 per year in the U.S alone.

Most of which is driven by several factors like skills & expertise, the company you work with, and your work experience.

Every job has special requirements e.g. a transcriber earns an average annual salary of $35,150 per year.

Similarly, a digital marketing specialist’s average salary is $24 per hour which is equivalent to $86,766 per year.

And a web designer earns an hourly rate of $28 which is equal to $50,213 annually.

Best paying work from home jobs( remote) that don’t require a degree

1. Search engine specialist

SEO is the basic fabric that plays a crucial role in bringing specific content in front of a large audience.

As a search engine specialist, your job is to research and analyze relevant keywords that help improve a website’s ranking.

With the potential keywords, a specialist’s work is to place keywords in an article that will increase its ranking.

To be able to work in a company you must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or IT field with a few years of experience.

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2. Social media manager

Social media managers act on behalf of the company on social media platforms interacting with the customers.

You as a social media manager will answer the questions of customers and engage in creating captivating content.

From time to time they analyze data, check trends and make strategies to build brand awareness of the company.

You will with the help of the tools gain potential insights, devise a strategy, and with the upcoming trends keep things updated.

3. Customer service

With the increase of remote jobs, many companies now hire independent contractors to serve their customers.

Customers often inquire about several requests & questions that customer service agents can reply with the correct answers.

A customer service agent will solve product/services related issues over the phone and answer solutions to customers.

To become a customer service agent you must have good communication skills, multitasking & technical knowledge.

4. Web developers

A web developer is a technical player that creates and designs websites and checks their proper functioning timely.

Besides, they also happen to keep an eye on the site’s performance, traffic, speed, and user experience.

You can work for companies, businesses, corporations, or as a freelancer using skills and expertise in creating websites.

In addition, some are often assigned to create stunning websites using coding and software to make high-performing websites.

To work as a developer you need a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design or equivalent but companies may hire you if skillful.

Good knowledge of web programming and some prior experience may land you a high-paying job without a degree.

5. Translator

Translators are bilingual expert that converts information from one language into another language.

This work is quite popular these days as the flow of information has increased in our modern technological age.

With that in mind, hundreds of remote jobs opportunities are available where you can apply and work from home.

So, to start you must be an expert in one or more languages, have fast typing skills, good communication & prompt in action.

6. Virtual assistants

There has been a massive increase of businesses everywhere and with that lot of administrative work is required.

Most companies & agencies don’t have much time to get each and every work done in a short period of time.

Hence, they tend to hire a virtual assistants who is proficient in tasks like customer service, sales, feedback & support.

A virtual assistant is a professional who can carry out the administrative tasks and assist businesses in more than 200+ services.

It is also one of the high-paying remote jobs that have taken its place in the industry since the break of online businesses.

7. Freelance writer

Freelance writers create many written materials that are used by individuals, companies, and businesses to educate their audience.

It is the most powerful form for its audience to consume information and learn, educate more about the topics they like.

Whereas you can take this opportunity and becomes a content writer and earn money writing for them online.

Since the growth of businesses online the demand for freelance writers has skyrocketed and does require any degree.

And you can register on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, PeoplePerHour, and guru to land clients of your choice.

8. Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing specialist with their analytical data devises marketing strategy to promote a brand or business.

A digital marketing specialist is an expert that uses all the available tools to deliver an exceptional campaign.

This involves campaigns such as SEM, SMM, Ads, email marketing & social media marketing promoting businesses.

In addition, they have profound knowledge of Google Analytics, Adwords, content marketing and is a tech-savvy.

According to the salary, the average salary of a digital marketing specialists in the U.S is $67,951 annually.

Typically a digital marketing specialist requires a bachelor’s degree in the media field or equivalent.

In some cases, companies prefer to hire individuals that have profound experience in the subject with at least 5-10 years.

9. Tech support specialist

The knowledge of computer & software is beneficial for the role of technical support specialist.

A tech support specialist helps to maintain, repair, and manage computer systems and resolves issues in a time of need.

10. Graphics designing

Graphics designing are design professionals that show their skills in creating logos, magazines, posters, and infographics.

This requires you to be well familiar with software like canva, Adobe Photoshop and similar tools like such.

It is a vast space that is filled with opportunities and you can begin with simple tools like canva designing social media posts.

Although many companies hire professionals with previous experiences and stunning designing skills and they pay well.

There are various courses that you can fully avail and learn everything from scratch on sites like Udemy and teachable.

Once you have a strong understanding of the basic requirements you can try offering your services on marketplaces.

Online marketplaces like Dribbble, design crowd, Fiverr, Upwork and Toptal are the best to get high-paying remote jobs.

Companies that offer high paying remote jobs

Kelly Services: Kelly is a remote staffing company that hires for various categories like CSR, digital marketing & writing.

Alorica: Alorica allows you to work on remote customer service positions that have 100k employees situated in 15 countries.

Brafton: Brafton is a content marketing agency that offers remote-jobs in services like graphics, social media & SEO.

Collabera: Collabera is a cloud-based technology and talent platform and offers jobs like data entry, tester & recruiter.

Language line solutions: Supporting the communication challenges in an unprecedented diversity through its staff.

Language line solutions offer interpretation and translation solutions in fields like industries, health, gov & business.

You have hundreds of interpretation open positions listed on its portal so; if you are bilingual this is for you.

Randstad: Randstad is a staffing company that serves its customer in HR sector and also helps people get jobs.

 Sutherland: Sutherland is a digital transformation company that helps businesses grow extensively offers wfh jobs.

The company serves in industries like health, insurance, retail, technology, travel, and mortgage services.

TTEC: TTEC is a customer service technology company that empowers its partners deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As for now, the company has remote jobs available in various categories like payroll, pricing analyst and tech recruiter.

How can I get a high-paying work-from-home jobs that pay well?

LinkedIn : LinkedIn is a business service that also allows people to find employment opportunities from around the globe.

It is a professional network of companies and large/small corporations where you can build your profile and apply for jobs.

This platform is a very unique way for experts and fresher’s to find any jobs in their category and start working from home.

Upwork: Upwork is another useful marketplace that is excellent for entry-level work-from-home jobs for beginners.

It makes it easy for any beginners to find jobs you like based on your skills and expertise and offers you jobs accordingly.

This marketplace helps you find jobs and suggests work that matches your profile from short-term to long-term tasks.

Flexjobs: Flexjobs is the best platform to look for remote work-from-home opportunities in nearly every industry.

It is one of the most trusted & reliable job search portals with flexible opportunities that are loved by professionals.

With plenty of remote work-from-home jobs, part-time & flexible jobs in more than 50 categories.

Every job posted in the platforms is checked by professionals to make sure it is a real jobs and not just a fluke.

This is what flexjobs has made it to the last 14 years the number 1 job portal to find legit work-from-home jobs.

You need to pay a monthly subscription of $24.95/ month to access hundreds of reliable jobs on this platform.

High paying (remote) jobs without a degree

How can I make money from home without a degree?

Is it possible to earn money from home without a college degree, Yes it is there are many services that you can offer?

The first thing you have to do is to register for an online certification program and create an amazing portfolio.

With that, you can apply for a huge list of online opportunities and start offering your services from home and earn money.

What is the easiest job to get without a degree?

Yes, another fact is that you can get jobs without a degree which are easy and don’t require much technical knowledge.

Most of the jobs require certain skills and expertise that can earn you high-paying remote jobs without any hassle.

Some of which include are web developing, writing, social media expert, nursing, real estate agent, and executive assistant.

What is the highest paying remote job?

Work from home jobs are on the rise and with the rising demand, companies are eager to pay for each jobs above the basic pay.

These jobs include software engineer, DevOps, marketing manager, account executive, CSR, recruiter, and assistants.

Are remote works from home jobs worth it?

Since the beginning of COVID 19 Pandemic, the workforce has shifted to a completely comforting remote work.

As the own labs report suggests during the shift to remote work the productivity remains high in fact increased 55%.

With 71% would like to have a more remote-like or hybrid-like work style post-pandemic.

According to talent, entry-level workers’ average annual salary in the U.S is $29,250 and varies on different industries.

Like a customer service, representative average salary is $33,648 per year while social media manager makes $55,000/yr.

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