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Get paid to read books legit ways to make money reading 2022

Get paid to read books 20 legit ways to make up to $100 2024

get paid to read books. Well, this post shares some interesting sites that pay reviewers to read & write reviews.

Get paid to read books

Can you get paid to read books online?

This is the first question that comes to your mind, I guess.

So, let me tell you it is absolutely possible to get paid to read books online and make money sitting at home.

The Internet provides several legit ways to earn money online among which is reviewing books, book sites that let you earn.

Generally, these sites help avid readers to get a quick view of the story a writer has penned down in his books.

You as a reviewer will make people choose the right books for purchase and in exchange, they reward you with tips.

And some even pay you a handsome amount that includes $5 – $100 per review of books.

While you with an honest, impactful, insightful, and thought-provoking review will inspire authors to work with you.

In this post, I will list legitimate sites where you can sign up for free and earn money helping authors with an honest review.

How to get paid to read books?

Calling all books enthusiasts who have been looking for ways to earn money with their reading ability?

This one is an amazing side hustle for you to monetize your free time reading books.

Utilizing your hobby to earn money online is something prettiest that you cannot deny besides all it’s a good experience.

For, stay at home moms it’s going to be a perfect way to use your time besides taking care of your daily household needs.

Also, you can nurture your writing skills because most of the review jobs require you to write a short review.

Reviews are generally short but insightful and consist of 150- 300 words that talk about the author’s imagination.

20 sites to get paid to read books

1. Kirkus media

If you are a book lover or love reading strategically arranged words this is the first site I will tell you about.

No matter where you land online and find books to read you must have encountered reviews so, where does that come from.

Online review sites allow people to join their sites and help fellow readers to find their best publications.

One such site is Kirkus media; in this, you will have to submit your application along with your writing samples.

Right now they are looking for experienced book reviewers in English & Spanish language, to review self publish authors.

If you are talented, write exceptional content and have a profound knowledge this is reviewing books is for you.

The reviews are generally about 350 words where you can select nearly any genres that include paperback hardcover formats.

2. Reedsy discovery

Are you passionate about books?

If yes, then consider reedsy as your companion where you can monetize your free time writing reviews.

Reedsy, has access to hundreds of books in the network as a reviewer you get to read & review books before launch.

It allows you to pick up new stories through hundreds that click your interest.

Once you have formed a brand as a book reviewer, you can collaborate with authors directly for books review.

To join as a reviewer you have to complete the application process which is pretty simple to get accepted.

You can scroll through hundreds of lists and begin reading as a reviewer once you get accepted.

The books reviewer gets rewarded with tips that include $1, $2, and $5 as an accolade. 

3. Book browse

It has some rigorous applications process that can help you be considered as an employee of book browse.

The company looks for books with great storylines, characters and that is enjoyable to read.

Book browse reviews adult fiction, non-fiction, and a few other books for young adults as well.

A reviewer writes “beyond the book article” they review and get paid for hard work.

To start receiving books for review you have to complete the application form.

“This post contains affiliate links that mean if you buy any products/services I may earn a commission, see affiliate disclaimer”

4. Online book club

It’s another lovely marketplace where you can find tons of books specific to your genre and get paid for your work.

Genres like non-fiction, romance, young adult, graphics novel, drama & poetry, sci-fi fantasy, children’s & historical fiction.

It offers you a free copy of the book for reviewing and has been there for a long time even before Smartphone.

But, before you start using “online books club” you must create an account and get access to the review team’s page.

The online book club strictly advises it is not a get rich scheme and it will be your part-time work beside a 9-5 job.

Also, for every book you read, you must produce an honest review like you don’t have to say it’s good if you don’t like it.

5. The U.S. Review

Reviewers are given the opportunity to assign a “recommended” rating to outstanding titles

A home of professional book reviewers that publishes book reviews to its 20,000 subscribers monthly.

The US book reviews is looking for exceptional book reviews that carries a clear picture of the author.

In general, speaks about the author, similar texts, and quotes of books while avoiding all that sounds a lenient and broken tone.

So, a book review of 250-300 words length is considered standard with a summary and clear insight of the author.

6. Wcwonline

The Women’s review of books has been in the business since 1993 is a feminist book print publication.

It is also home of educated professionals who have excelled in social justice, gender equality, and research.

If you happen to meet the requirements you are adept to work with several fields, genres and get paid for reviews.

You have different styles and tastes like fiction, graphic novels, and poetry to make money reading books.

If you wish to work with women reviews of books do send them an inquiry asking for a review to editor .wrb@gmail [dot] com.

For each succinct review, you may get $100 in exchange for your hard work.

7. Moody press

Moody press is a non-profit publishing house of bible commentary & spiritual resources.

So, if this interests you then you have an amazing way to monetize through a blogger review program.

The program provides you free copies of the book and allows you to publish it on your blog and other sites.

You won’t get paid for your review working with the moody press instead you are given a free copy of the book.

Books received have to be reviewed within the 60 days time frame and subsequently post it on your blog & other sites.

To avail this program you have to join the MP Newsroom blogger’s Facebook group and get access.

8. New pages

Tired of writing long reviews or posts then new pages is a time saver that allows you to write a quick flash review.

It’s an online portal that provides literary magazines, guides, information, independent bookstore, and online news.

In addition, you can write reviews of 100-200 words of any books, magazines, and individual pieces that you have read recently.

So, if you find this interesting then you can send your reviews to katyhaas@newpageswork(dot)com.

To get a view of the style & tone of reviews they accept you can refer to this sample work for reference.

9. Publishers weekly

The Publishers weekly is a 150-year-old magazine that focuses on the international book publishing business.

It offers articles & news on a different array of book publishing businesses, bestsellers and is widely known for book reviews.

To avail books, reviews work you can refer to their job’s page.

10. Tyndale blog network

get paid to read books

My reader reward club is a network of Tyndale house publishers that operates on the basis of a rewards program.

You earn points on sharing it with your fellow acquaintances like your family, Facebook groups, and other special promotional offers.

Joining this network is easy; you get 25 points for just signing up and for a few other promotional offers on its program.

It is great for any book lover to get rewarded for each activity and with the points, you can earn money for books.

If this sounds good to you then do not wait to see all the amazing things you get access to when you join the Tyndale network.

11. Booklist publications

The Booklist publication is a division of American library associations that serves children’s and library workers.

It serves as a brief review of about 150-175 words that are unique and succinct to its potential readers.

The publication strict guidelines suggest you familiarize yourself with the style & tone of reviews freelancers do.

For each review on booklist publications, you will get $15 once it’s accepted and published online in the magazines.

In addition, when you start reviewing you will be working under the supervision of a professional editor to go with the flow.

With few freelance opportunities, available writers who have knowledge of children’s literature and classroom are welcome.

Writers with a background in education, school librarianship, or early literacy, should contact managing editor Maggie Reagan at mreagan@ala(dot)org.

12. Net galley

Would you like to be a part of the reader’s community recommending new books to your audiences put simply, be an influence?

Then this net galley is for you it is a platform that bridges the gap between avid readers and books authors & publishers.

Whether you are a blogger, media professional, bookseller, librarian, or educator all can sign up and avail this space.

Publishers with their digital copies look for great reviewers while you can increase your chances of providing insightful reviews.

Reviewers can review books before they are published and can be accessed on any digital device and platform.

13. Getabstract

So, you find yourself soulful reading non-fiction books?

Getabstract is the perfect platform for you, helping you with exceptional books that match your persona & professional side.

It is accepted as a renowned creator of professional summaries and offers exceptional summarizing solutions from other sources.

With a background in the field of science & technology, you can work summarizing latest articles & books as a freelancer.    

14. Writerful books

Would you love to work as a paid book reviewer?

If yes, then writerful books are for you and it is also looking for beta readers, reviewers, and expert writers to join their team.

Occasionally, they work with all genres but they prefer contemporary American, Australian, Irish, British, Canadian authors.

So, if you happen to be excellent in this field all the better.

And from time to time they hire reviewers to work in their favorite genre and produce a comprehensive, insightful reviews.

To apply fill in all the information required and also send some previously written review work along with social handles.

15. Upwork

Endless opportunities for freelancers looking for work in reading and reviewing space; this platform has a lot of jobs listings.

Listings in this space are frequent often; hundreds of jobs are updated on this platform on daily basis.

It is one of the most used workplaces that has jobs available for book reviewing as well.

So, with it, you will find multiple jobs listed related to books reviews on its platform which you can avail yourself very easily.

16. Fiverr

The best marketplace online has its platform opened for even 13 years old teenagers and above.

It is another few marketplaces that have job-related to books reviews and reading where you can create your gigs.

The gigs are open applications that anyone can find and check the services and skills you are providing to people.

Get paid to read books aloud

So, here is another interesting opportunity that will give you more flexibility in reading books online and earning money.

It is a matter of fact what if someone doesn’t like to write reviews?

Well, in that case, I have another way out for you to get paid to read books aloud yes that absolutely possible.

In this scenario, you as a narrator will read books aloud using your story-telling persona with amazing voice quality.

Luckily, there happen to be several sites that support audible book readers to quench their fantastic audiences.

The talent is growing in popularity on online marketplaces and a few other sites dedicated to hiring people with a good voices.

With that being said let’s find out some more sites here.

17. ACX

ACX stands for Audiobook creative exchange of Amazon is a marketplace where you as a narrator find lots of opportunities.

You as a narrator will have to choose books from its library where several numbers of potential gigs are available.

Once you are shortlisted and the audiobook is produced it will be listed on marketplaces like Amazon, audible & iTunes.

18. Voice bunny

It is another site that wishes to read books aloud where you can market your voice for free and get hired by clients.

For clients to hire you, you need to record a sample after which the voice control team will check its quality.

After having your voice quality assessment completed you can access its hundreds of jobs opportunities.

But, you need to produce some high-quality content for clients in order to succeed and get paid for your work.

You can set your own rates depending on the projects and expertise you have that attracts clients and be ready to work.

Voice bunny will keep in touch with you with the best of jobs and will keep you updated with the latest jobs via email.

19. Voices

Here is another amazing voice acting site that values your potential and allows you to be a market leader in this skill.

With an excellent reputation and acclaimed no 1 creative service market, you can be a part of this amazing community.

How do I get paid to read books?

Several websites have come up in recent years whose sole purpose is to publish book reviews.

These sites hire writers with excellent, thought-provoking, and insightful book reviews that are not published yet.

In return, authors pay you a small amount of money for writing a short review or summary that helps readers to but it.

Can I get paid to read books?

To make this task easy you can sign up with different websites that hire writers or book reviewers to get paid to read.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to get paid to read books.

The secret to making money reading books is writing honest reviews with the help of the third-party sites mentioned above.

You will get a copy of books that is not published yet while you give an honest review after completing the book.

While the authors reward you with real cash for your hard work, insightful, correct, and succinct book reviews.

Make money reading books online.

The way you make money reading books is through writing clear concise, impactful reviews of books.

You can without any hesitation use the sites mentioned above and use your reading ability and make money reading.

Above all, if you are looking for a way to supplement your income through reading & writing this is the best for you.

You can go through the samples and get familiar with the style & tone of reviews listed on the websites to get an idea.

Your review has to be a mirror of the author’s work that he/she has penned down in a most succinct, profound manner.

This gives the fellow readers to get an insight into what information he/she may get buying a book.

So, go ahead and sign up with several websites and get paid to read.

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