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20 best sites to make money testing websites & apps (1)

20 best sites to make money testing websites & apps

20 companies that allow you to make money testing websites and apps | Apply now

Make money testing websites and apps- Websites testing jobs

How can you make money testing websites and apps?

User testing is a procedure in which a certain protocol has to be followed to give honest reviews of apps & websites.

However, not many websites you see on the web come close to being user-friendly, eye-catching, and with good navigation.

So, it becomes necessary for people & businesses to put their websites & Apps to test before their launch.

Wherein you can join these sites and participate in testing websites & apps and earn money in your free time.

You as a website tester will provide feedback share your user experience and single out bugs you encounter or flaws in its design & feature.

Till now I am sure I have your attention now and I will show you the best website testing sites to make money.

This post will cover the list of legit website testing money-making sites that will allow you to work part-time.

 Website testing jobs – Make money testing websites and apps

1. Usertesting – User testing websites

With human understanding, everything becomes clear and lets you navigate through your flaw and their impact.

It’s frustrating to roll up sleeves, clench your teeth, and hit your desk when you encounter something unusual.

This is where human insight comes to give you a sigh of relief with a robust platform to test websites.

Usertesting has officially worked with 2500+ global brands and consists of 850 employees globally.

You can be a part of this change and help global brands, technologies, and companies and earn money alongside.

 To be a website tester you need to provide your email address and fulfill your registration process.

There is a sample test that you can try to get the best idea of everything required to complete a task.

2. TryMyUi

TryMyUi is enabled with stitchology that combines usability testing offering with data-rich analytics and insights for a better experience.

Usability testing is the art of scratching out the real issues faced by the users while testing websites and applications.

Coders and designers can easily figure out the flaws and make the web & apps more flexible for users to navigate.

You will have the task to give honest reviews and speak out your thoughts in loud so that the maker can take the necessary changes.

A test can approximately be around 20 minutes and for each task you complete you get paid $10 dollar.

3. Userlytics

Userlytics, is another remote user testing site that has been around for 14 years now providing qualitative & UX Insights.

As the company mentioned it’s been helping government organizations, enterprises, agencies, start-ups, and Non-profit organizations.

You as a participant will complete a given task examining a prototype, website, or video and speak out loud about your experiences.

The review will consist of communicating verbally, and answering some questions related to the product.

The pay rate is $5-$90 for a given task.

“This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any products/services I may earn a commission, see affiliate disclaimer”

4. uTest

uTest was founded in 2007, and is a platform for freelancers and digital enthusiasts helping some of the iconic brands globally.

Brands around the world invest millions to improve digital experiences for their customers and bring the best experience to people.

So, this platform is a go-to destination if you are a tech geek and looking forward to getting a chance to test the best brands.

Whenever a new feature is added to a product, companies make sure it’s compatible with its users and give life to its customers.

You will receive tons of opportunity to test exclusive first-hand features before it is made available to the public.

All you need to do is begin with its registration process and complete all the required details.

5. Testingtime

Testingtime has a network of 900,000 real-time testers spread across the world which makes it’s recruiting more flexible.

You can sign up for testing time and answer a few questions that assure which kind of testing you are suitable for.

Whenever testing is available and it matches your profile following a few more questions you are ready for it.

The platform will allow you to participate in websites, apps, gadgets, foods, and products with some honest feedback.

If you successfully provide real insights you will be paid money in exchange for your hard work.

6. Respondent

Respondent is a B2B platform for market research wherein companies can learn about their target audiences.

It has a pool of 1.5 million respondents across the world to provide you the real-time insights once a project is out.

You need to register an account on the respondent and fill in all your detail to easily access the projects in your dashboard.

The pay is dependent on the scale of each project but you can expect $25-$500 per hour or even more.

If you are a regular participant and produce exceptional research you have the opportunity to earn even more.

7. Loop11

Founded in Australia with a mission to improve website UX testing that makes it easy for people to use.

If you are just a beginner, looking to update your website, or calculating NPS Loop11 makes everything easy for UX testing.

The company claims it has worked with top-class companies namely Deloitte, IBM, Cisco, and Accenture.

Loop11 aims to pay more than the average amount to testers for high-quality and informational reviews.

To be a loop11 tester you must be ready for 5 minutes qualification test that assures your credibility.

You are requested to be on the webcam & microphone that will enable you to speak out your thoughts loudly.

Also, you will have to provide your basic information so, that loop11 may contact you in the future.

8. Intellizoompanel

Do you wanna get paid to share your experiences about the products you love and are passionate about?

Intelli pays you $2 for basic surveys and for other studies that require video submissions you get paid $10.

You need a reliable laptop/computer or a Smartphone and a calm place to concentrate on your given task.

Studies normally take 10-20 minutes and participants are paid via PayPal within 21 business days after submission.

9. Pingpong

Pingpong allows you to share your ideas and help companies better their products for consumers in advance.

Its research sessions are 30 minutes long video calls wherein you will share your screen for any possible website testing request.

Sometimes the duration of video calls may increase for which you will be compensated accordingly.

So, first, you need to register a test account and complete your full profile when matched will notify via email.

You will also have to answer a few questions for the research before the task is handed out to you at a scheduled time.

 The pingpong will send you payment via transfer wire/PayPal within 2-3 working days.

10. Userbrain

A lot of products in the market fail to impress customers because they neglect what’s better for them.

Companies can invite from among the talented pool of a network of 85k quality testers and interact with them on video.

To begin with userbrain you have to record a qualification test and if you are approved you will start receiving the paid test.

When performing the task you are entitled to let your thoughts out loudly for about 5-20 minutes approximately.

You will be compensated with $5 for every task you complete via PayPal.

11. Userfeel

Userfeel has a network of 150,000 talented testers and requires no subscription fees to join and test different prototypes.

First, you have to record a sample test if approved then you start receiving paid tasks that you will be compensated for.

For each paid task you receive $10 for completing a 10-20 minutes test mostly through Smartphone or laptop.

You must have a PayPal account because the money you earn is transferred through PayPal.

12. Usercrowd

If you are a design freak and love to put some input on improving the designs this platform is for you.

The tests are basically of 1-2 credits per response which usercrowd pays 0.20c per response and get paid when your balance is $10.

When you have finally completed the 100 credits then you can request a payout from PayPal.

13. Gigwalk

Gigwalk has a network of 1.7 million gigwalkers that show you real insights into different industries.

That includes consumer brands, websites & apps, market research, software & AI, and real estate.

You can register on gigwalk by registering through your email on the app and by answering a few questions.

Gigs are about 5 minutes to a few hours or it depends on the work assigned and makes between $3-$100 and more.

The App is available on both Android and IOS devices and you can easily download it on your digital device.

14. Ferpection

Ferpection allows you to join this platform and voice out your thoughts on websites and mobile apps.

You can provide honest feedback via screenshots, written descriptions, and video conferencing.

It makes it simple to register and become a tester by answering a few simple questions and start receiving email notifications for paid tasks.

You will be compensated by Amazon gift cards or PayPal money that is $5, $10 to $15 for each task you complete.

15. Enroll

Do you want to make money by testing websites and apps this enroll app is for you.

Enroll allows you to take tests on any digital device like Smartphone, computer, or laptop.

Share it with your friends and collect rewards and get compensated for your hard work through PayPal.

You can sign up through email and register on this app and receive tasks where there are any requirements.

16. Checkealos

Checkealos gives the opportunity to make money testing websites and apps remotely while working from home.

This platform has the same registration process with a few screening questions that may combine with test opportunities.

You will be compensated 8/10 Euros for 30 minutes sessions and 30 -150 Euros for live video interactions.

17. Test IO

Test Io is another money-making user testing website that works on a Taas model testing as a service.

The test io encompasses all services with strict deadlines that include all websites and mobile app testing services.

This in turn delivers deep insights to companies that strive to create high-quality sustainable products.

You can take this as a side hustle and work from anywhere you want and monetize your spare time.

Register on this platform through email and receive an email notification when marched with your profile.

Your earnings will depend on the ability to find bugs and provide a meaningful review for that you shall earn $50.

They pay you every month.

18. User interviews

Get paid for testing products, online tests & surveys, interviews, studies, focus groups, and other online studies.

Each study type has a different payment that ranges from $15-$1500 depending on the effort you put into each project.

Well, participants are paid on average $60 for their feedback on the study they choose to complete.

You can create your profile on user interviews and check the available studies that suit you based on your skills.

The company will notify you if you are fit for that particular study, if you are approved you get the task.

Take the time to complete your study and get paid for your hard work.

19. Conversion crimes

A conversion crime is a user testing platform for agencies and small business owners with honest feedback from home.

You will be provided a link that includes an Amazon product page, funnels, images, prototypes, apps and videos.

This makes if effortless with their templates or you can write your own questions (feedback).

Before you take these tests you may have to take some sample test written or oral that suits their quality standards.

To be able to get paid to test you must register on its platform and pass the 2 sample tests and must be 18 years older.

It requires you to be native C-1 level or higher English fluency and get paid $2-$8 for testing websites and apps.

20. Uber testers

Uber testers was created in 2013 and is one of the leading software testing solutions platforms providing crowd testing solutions.

It has a global network of vetted professional testers that specializes in testing and finding bugs and providing feedback to clients.

 You can join this platform and share your valuable feedback to help businesses across the world

This platform allows you to become a tester and test websites, apps, and games and get paid to share feedback.

Join uber tester as a QA tester with some information about yourself and your technical skills.

Once you are fit for any work the team manager will contact you via email and hand over the testing of digital products to you.

The company hasn’t disclosed any payout but you will get paid for completing the task it claims.

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How to make money from website testing jobs?

It is one of the best ways to make money without any prior experience and with no investment at all.

Normally, we visit multiple websites in a day and have come across sites that are poorly built, that’s annoying, right?

That’s what makes it interesting you get to share your valuable feedback on sites & apps to improve their user experience.

Take this advantage to get into website testing sites and make use of your spare time in exchange for cash.

Join multiple website testing sites but always provide honest informational reviews to increase your chances of getting paid task.

Don’t miss out on the sample test that companies provide you and practice it with utter dedication and shine like an expert.

Excellent work gives you a good rating and companies would make sure they opt for you for the same next time.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to open a PayPal account.

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