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6 Best Virtual assistant companies to make money hiring now

so, this post will provide you the list of the best list of virtual assistant companies

Best Virtual assistant companies

How would you like to take advantage of your free time to earn money?

You may want to become a blogger, freelance writer, and website designer but VA is by far the most in-demand skill right now.

Earning money online is pretty easy with virtual assistance companies, you get to work for businesses online.

Plenty of tasks are assigned in a variety of fields like social media, eCommerce, and real estate.

In addition, there are more than 200+ VA tasks that a tech-savvy can undertake depending on your availability.

The setting up of businesses online has become easy which indirectly has given rise to virtual assistance.

What is virtual assistance? 

The Virtual Assistants are social media savvy, more precisely they are well informed about the internet world.

The need for virtual assistance has increased with the growth in demand for administration or management tasks.

Perform diverse tasks virtually for clients and businesses all over the globe helping them in their day-to-day efforts.

It’s an easy part-time money-making method for stay-at-home parents, students, remote workers, home moms, and independent contractors.

One can opt for a series of tasks like social media management, email marketing, data entry, website management, and more.

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How to become virtual assistance with little or no experience?

You have now a clear picture of what virtual assistance stands for?

If this interests you should consider becoming an expert VA, which I will give you the information in detail about.

Having a clear picture in your mind gives you the idea to start right away and put effort into your work.

You must decide on a particular topic, to be exact a niche that lets you figure out your potential audience.

Not only may that it help in various other factors like focusing on a group of entities that can boost growth.

Like an expert, one has the potential to scale your business to another level.

An earning opportunity that offers you managerials services from home and to begin, I have for you some good course.

Gina horkey is the founder of this domain and offers excellent supervision to help you get started with virtual assistance.

The 30 day or less to virtual assistant success is great course available on the internet that I always take the opportunity to recommend.

Companies to find virtual assistant Jobs hiring now


The advantage of working at home is the best feeling and to make it happen boldly is hiring a virtual assistant.

It’s a great platform for people who have been looking for remote part-time & full-time jobs to leverage their free time.

Its main priority is focuses on providing administrative, management, marketing, and other related tasks.

Across several reputed sites on the internet, it has been listed as the best place to start working remotely.

And requires 7 years of experience working as a virtual assistant to be considered as an employee of boldly.

Boldly, only hires from UK and USA.


Upwork is the easiest to get started which has plenty of jobs related to VA to offer their services.

It is also the largest freelance workplace that has thousands of entry-level jobs updated on its platform daily.

Starting on Upwork is pretty easy you just have to sign up with your email address and start by completing your profile.

Jobs listed on your dashboard which you may have to submit proposals for each you want to work on.

Successful submission of a cover letter will have you win the job you want and submit it after you have finished the project.

So, lets Upwork

3.Belay solutions

Belay is the top-ranked virtual assistance provider in the United States currently.

To add to its expert team they are looking for highly motivated, energetic, detail-oriented contractors to join their community.

You must have a bachelor’s degree and be present during the weekly business hours.


Zirtual is looking for US-based virtual assistance to join their team of highly skilled professionals with only 2% gets lucky.

The hiring is open for US-based college students who have some experience dealing with administrative tasks.

In-house contractors are beneficial for the company and clients in every sense as they are familiar with US customs.

So, if you have been living in the US this is the time for you to kick start your virtual assistant journey with the very best.

5.Fancy hands

It’s another US-based virtual assistant service company offering hundreds of administrative jobs.

Administrative tasks provide you with managerial assistance to get your tasks done effortlessly.

They have tons of tasks for clients all over the country like data entry, scheduling, appointments, event planning, and calling.

All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and an understanding of using useful websites.

You will be assigned withtasks such as making calls, tracking prices, locating hotels, and scheduling appointments for clients.

If you are a self-starter, detail-oriented, and can grasp the need of clients well with an average pay of around $3 – $7 per task.

6.Time etc

Let US-based virtual assistants take care of your daily business needs and grow your business to another level.

And working for time etc will allow you to take the responsibility of content marketing, email, social media, and admin.

You must have at least 8 years of experience working as an administrative or equivalent in the industry.

It’s time to be a part of the team of excellent virtual assistants who have managed to help more than 22,000 entrepreneurs.

What is the best virtual assistant company to work for?

So, far you have the best list of virtual assistant companies which makes it pretty excellent way to monetize your spare time.

However, this is not the end rather you have some amazing websites where you can apply for more opportunities.

That includes Fiverr, PeoplePerHoue, freelancer, guru and worldwide101.

In addition flexjobs, is a great remote site to get access to hundreds of legit virtual assistant companies ready to hire you.

What makes it great that every jobs posted on flexjobs go through tough scrutiny and lets you choose the best among them.

And Upwork is another best option to get started with because it offers pretty simple ways to get the work in your baggage.

Being consistence is a good strategy to get hired for your dream job.

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