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How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program

Start your amazon affiliate program in 2021 and make money working from home.

make money with the Amazon affiliate program

The founder Jeff bezos has had a very remarkable journey in the making of Amazon a global retail giant.

Apart from being the largest retail company in the world it also provides you the opportunity to make money from it.

The Amazon affiliate program widely popular as “Amazon associate” is one of the best way to earn money from Amazon.

You can sign-up on Amazon affiliate on its portal located on the bottom and start generating sales to earn commission.

If anyone purchases a product via your affiliate link you earn a percentage of commissions for each potential sale generated.

Before I dive into “How can you become an Amazon affiliate?” let me introduce you to “what Amazon affiliate is all about?”

What is Amazon affiliate program?

The Amazon affiliate program is a method of recommending Amazon products to the right audience via social media or website.   

It is an affiliate marketing business model that allows you to make money promoting, generating sales through affiliate links.

Affiliate links are a URL that has a destination to another site to a particular post & product pages intended to generate sales.

When a customer clicks on the link and purchases product/products you make commission for each potential sale.

That’s Cool!!!

Now, that I have your attention let’s start with “How to become an Amazon affiliate”?

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

Create content that is advocating users to find solutions with the things they are dealing with it can be laptops, camera and decor items.

The best and the most reliable way to create content actively is a website/blog although you can add link on your apps.

The next step would be to register on “Amazon affiliate” and its sign-up process requires you to fill the correct details.

Sign-up with Amazon associate

Well, this program is “Amazon associate” located at the bottom of the Amazon’s page in which you will be registering for the process.

If you already have an account on Amazon then the application page will be opened if not first make an account on Amazon.

Your account information

You are requested to enter the required information like (Name, address, phone number and payee name)

Website address

Following the next step would be to enter the site address for which will actively be sharing content and promoting Amazon’s products.

Store ID

This is an optional part but you should opt for the same ID in which your website address will be registered.

It will allow you to easily identify the sites that you apply for and easily check your earnings for each site separately.

In addition, briefly describe the details of what your website is all about so that you get a perfect idea of which categories are suitable.

Also, select the topics in which you are likely to target your audience.

Traffic sources

This portion asks the required details in what possible way you generally drive traffic to your website.

SEO, blogs, lead generation, paid ads, display searches, and email marketing.

In order to start earning money on Amazon, it is necessary for you to drive traffic from reliable sources.

 Furthermore, the way you use your website to generate income, link building, monthly traffic, primary goals.

And from where did you hear about the Amazon affiliate program.

Tax and payments

Above all the required details completely filled you are now asked to give them the tax information.

You can also skip this part to complete it later.

Amazon associates

Now, you are officially a part of the Amazon associate and can access the fully functional the associate central page.

Your dashboard is a place where you can check all the details like link performance, earnings, feedback and clicks.

How to create Amazon affiliate links?

You are now ready to use your Amazon affiliate account sign-up on affiliate account and start adding products to your store.

Amazon associate account login

This portal will allow you to generate affiliate link and share it within your blogs and apps.

Select the products links on the top left of dashboard

Your dashboard will allow you to access the product linking features.

Click on the product link from the dropdown menu and it will direct you to products page

Now you can easily search for the products that you would like to promote like “Camera” “Laptop” etc.

Once you enter the search term it will create a list of products and its variants from which you can generate affiliate links.

You can paste the HTML code in your website.

The other feature lets you create affiliate links from the front page of the Amazon website.

You can type the “keyphrase” and hit the go now button to suggest you list of products which you want to promote.

The SiteStripe feature allows you to easily create a short affiliate links to share it on multiple websites/blogs.

The tool located at the top left bar is easy to navigate and allow you to generate affiliate links in no time.

It also allows several options for link like text, image and text+image.

How to start Amazon affiliate program and make money?

The process with which you can earn money on Amazon is pretty simple you drive sale to its product’s page and earn money.

You can drive sale with content marketing that is a suitable method like having a website or blogs.

The content which you write on your website should pin point the users looking for a solution for particular thing.

Although linking every page of your website is considered spamming and hence forces your audience to switch to another site.

You write in a most regular way highlighting the solutions for each product you choose to promote.

Having a good insight of each product is excellent that allow your users to stay on your page scanning contents.

In addition, allowing your potential prospect with CTA (Click to action) links to third party sites.

How do you qualify for Amazon affiliate program?

  1. Start a website
  2. Sign up for Amazon associates
  3. Account details
  4. Blog/ website address
  5. Select your ID
  6. Traffic sources
  7. Tax and payments
  8. Start sharing

How much does Amazon affiliate cost?

There is no charge to apply for Amazon associates and the only required thing is you should have a blog/website or apps.

You have to apply on its Amazon affiliate page share the required information fill all the fields given in the list.

Once you are approved its time now to share its affiliate links with on your websites and apps.

How does Amazon affiliate program work?

It is a referral program similar to affiliate marketing which works when you drive to purchase for every potential sale you earn.

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