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10 part-time work from home jobs to start earning now

How to find the best part-time remote work-from-home jobs that are legit, reliable, and flexible in 2022?

Part-time work from home jobs

Have you been searching for Part-time work from home jobs and haven’t found one yet then you are at the right place?

In this post, I am going to introduce you to some of the online jobs from home that you can use your free time for money.

That will definitely help you figure out the best work-from-home jobs that require little or no experience.

With Remote opportunities, you can get paid at home doing part-time, full-time, micro, and long-term jobs.

The workforce continues to change drastically due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic COVID 19.

And with the rise of pandemic companies globally have been hiring remote workers everywhere.

So, with it, you can dive in to search for the best online jobs that are suitable for you.

Jobs like customer service, social media manager, fitness coach, transcription, bookkeeping, data entry, teaching, and writing.

So, now let’s get into the contrasting set of jobs that you can avail in detail.

Part-time work from home jobs

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1. Customer service work from home remote jobs

part time work from home jobs

There is always a need for talented people to interact with customers on behalf of the company solving queries.

It requires you to answer phone calls based on customer queries related to products/services.

The best part is most of the companies hire workers online that require a computer and good headphones.

Some even hire entry-level remote workers whom they provide training & assistance to carry out the work diligently.

So, this is a fascinating work from home customer service job for people who have experience dealing with clients across various fields.

You can refer to these companies below to find part-time customer service work from home jobs:

2. Social media management

There is a reason why there is a surge in demand for social media strategists and is giving jobs to millions of workers.

Not every business can put in the effort to design and implement social media strategy of their own instead they prefer to recruit one.

A social media strategist can help create wonderful campaigns that will increase visibility and grow in sales tremendously.

The job requires great design skills, strong communication, creating posts, updates, ads, and answering queries.

To help with your social media management jobs you can refer to these companies below:

3. Health & fitness coach

Have you ever attended online health classes or are passionate about working on people’s health & fitness?

If yes, then this might be for you teaching about health & fitness to people who are looking for a change.

And with the help of the internet, you can become a health coach and reach millions of people worldwide.

In this space, you will help people with their diets and workouts and engage with them communicating personally.

Well, before you jump into this health & fitness industry you should have a strong understanding of fitness subjects.

With so much effort into health & fitness, you can take this advantage to become an online fitness trainer coach.

4. Transcriptionist 

There is an ever-growing demand for professional transcriptionists whose job is to listen and type what they hear.

Transcriptionists are hired to collect correct information from the respective industries like medical, courts, science, media, etc.

An audio file will play which you have to listen to and write down exactly what you hear in the most befitting manner.

It requires you to have good communication skills, fast typing, and be able to hear clearly.

If you are passionate about transcribing then take this opportunity to become a highly paid transcribes.

5. Bookkeeper

For all businesses, bookkeeping is the most vital part of their daily transactions.

Bookkeepers maintain the daily financial transactions of a business helping in keeping the record up to date.

In addition, they record day-to-day sales & expenses, invoices, financial statements, payments of bills, and payrolls.

You can build your own bookkeeping business virtually through learning the skills, techniques and developing it to a profitable level.

If you wish to start your own bookkeeping business from scratch I would strongly recommend you join Ben’s Bookkeeping class.

You can also look for bookkeeping opportunities on digital marketplaces given below:

Part-time remote data entry jobs

6. Data entry

Data entry is a perfect part-time online jobs to use your fast typing skills for extra money in your spare time.

For anyone to excel in the data entry you have to be fast, accurate, fix errors, and with flawless detailing.

Many companies do require some experience prior to working as an independent contractor and pay varies on the level of experience.

However, there are few companies that allow entry-level independent workers to start with training onboard.

7. Brand ambassador

It is one of the most aspiring professions that have gained popularity among the youth as a means to promote brands/ products.

If you happen to have a large social media following and know the skills to use it to awe your followers then start working with brands.

The skills require you to successfully promote brands; their products are services with exceptional promotional skills.

8. online Teaching

Do you love your teaching profession?

If yes, then take this opportunity to teach in the subject area in which you are professional and interact with them online.

Online teaching is a booming career when you can reach millions of students helping in their academic careers while making money.

Like others, it’s not a piece of cake rather requires interpersonal skills like problem-solving, communication, and intelligence.

If you would like to explore more then I suggest you look out at some popular sites given below:

Part-time work from home jobs

9. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of its kind that has seen massive growth in recent years with a reliable career opportunity.

To be an excellent writer you should have advanced editorial skills, great writing skills, best SEO practices, and turnarounds.

You can start freelance writing with no investment at all as you have a good source of marketplaces available online.

Some of them are Upwork, Fiverr, Smashing jobs, PeoplePerHour, and Linkedin.

10. Virtual assistant

How to become a virtual assistant?

Let me introduce to you first what virtual assistant is all about?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who is proficient in performing several tasks for businesses.

Businesses hire virtual assistants for more than 200+ virtual assistant tasks which they can perform straight from home.

Some of these are email management, blog management, data entry, proofreading, social media marketing, and ads.

There are several companies that actively hire VA to do the work from home part-time jobs out of which some do require some experience.

If you are interested in starting a career in VA I would recommend you to join the class of Caitlin Pyle.

Top job boards to find the best part-time work from home jobs.



Fiverr is the world’s largest digital marketplace where people can come and find work and sell services related to any industry.

It’s a wonderful marketplace where you can literally build your own company from scratch and grow exponentially.

Millions of job seekers come to this very platform looking for their dream job and start building their careers.

There is a huge list of categories to choose from like graphics, marketing, writing, tech, web, VA, and eCommerce.


Flexjobs is a marketplace for job seekers looking for stable and reliable work-from-home remote jobs.

The founders (Sara Sutton) founded this amazing job space in the year 2007 to help locate flexible and remote jobs.

So, to escape from the inefficient formalities of different job spaces where people get duped easily with no results at all.

There has to be something more reliable and professional where accessing remote jobs is no more a dream.

If you are looking forward to making use of this space you may have to buy its monthly subscription of $14.95.

Remote is a milestone for companies looking for work-from-home employees who help provide insight and support.

With remote (dot) co you can access online teaching jobs, accounting, IT, VA, sales, marketing, legal, and other remote jobs.

You can have abundant remote jobs like online teaching jobs, VA jobs, remote writing jobs, and online data entry jobs.


Well, looking forward to building your career working remotely then consider weworkremotely.

Job searching can be boring and time-consuming but with weworkremotely you can access the best remote opportunity.

It has the best remote community in the world with 90% of application submitted rate on it since 2013.

Use this source to find entry-level remote jobs, remote jobs with no experience, stay-at-home jobs, and online jobs that suit you.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network of more than 800 million members spanned across 200 countries.

It brings the world’s best leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, and job seekers in one place with the opportunity to scale unconditionally.

Hundreds of jobs recruitment are posted daily on LinkedIn that you can take advantage of in any industry you choose.

Like writing, web designing, data science, eCommerce, marketing, and much more.

How to find the best part time remote work from home jobs 2022?

You do have to be an expert to find part-time work from home jobs that can be accessible by a computer & internet.

There are thousands of entry-level remote jobs available on several companies and job boards like Flexjobs and remote.

So, you can choose the best that interests you from the list given above and work even if you just starting out.

Fiverr is good for teenagers that have skills like social media management, writing, data entry, web designing, and VA.

And with LinkedIn, you can go professional finding reliable work from home jobs in companies local & global.

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