You are currently viewing 20 Big work at home companies authentic & high demand.
20 big work at home companies authentic (1)

20 Big work at home companies authentic & high demand.

If you are looking for big authentic companies that hire to work at home remotely? Here is the list of authentic and high-demand online jobs hiring now.

Big work at home companies

I had to filter a lot when I decided to work at home looking for authentic companies that can provide me flexibility.

It could have been much worse if I would have landed into some scams or something similar like that.

But on the contrary, luckily there are a whole lot of legit companies that hire individuals who choose to work from home.

Work from home is becoming the norm now and if you have yet not embraced this space then what else will.

In addition, people are switching from their daily traditional 9-5 boring jobs to a free independent and growing opportunity.

So, if you have been hunting companies that provide legit work-from-home jobs this is where you should be.

In this post, I have discussed the companies that constantly hire independent contractors from the world over.

Legit work at home jobs hiring now

How to find legit work at home companies?

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1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce company that has offices all over the globe and is offering you the opportunity to work from home.

Work from home jobs Amazon

Remote work at home jobs hiring now

2. Appen

Appen is hiring for work from home jobs in a variety of fields for both part-time and full time.

It is a data-driven AI Company that has been continuously evolving and breaking barriers in advanced AI systems.

If you are looking for remote work-from-home jobs in this category then do check out their jobs page.

Part-time work from home jobs

  • Projects – Long term part time opportunities
  • Micro task – start right away
  • Surveys & data collection – Surveys and voice recordings

3. Aetna CVS work at home jobs

Aetna is a group of CVS health and offers work from home jobs in insurance, customer service, medical, and consulting.

It is a good opportunity for work from home moms looking for jobs in the very same category to work part-time.

4. Anthem

It is another place dedicated to providing world-class health care solutions and has been providing remote jobs in customer, IT, and sales.

If you are from a healthcare background anthem has some legit work-from-home remote jobs available for you.

5. Citizens bank

It is recognized as one of the best financial companies in the US started back in 1828 and is committed to providing employment.

So, if you happen to be in the banking sector then apply to citizens who are hiring for remote work-from-home jobs.

6. Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency service company started back in 2012 with the aim of fairer and secure transfer of bitcoin money.

The recent COVID Pandemic has pushed its employees to actively work from home and later they can join the office once everything is back to normal.

So, during this high time, legit work from home jobs is becoming fast available make sure to apply on the spot.

Remote jobs hiring

7.Capital one

Capital one as the name suggests is another financial service provider company that is hiring to work from home customer service jobs.

8. Kelly

Kelly Services is another work-from-home company and serves in the sector of staffing, consulting, and outsourcing.

You have a huge list of opportunities waiting that anyone willing to work remotely can apply.

9. Kaplan remote jobs

Kaplan in the past 80 years of its career has excelled as one of the best education providers and training.

If you are fond of education and love to be surrounded by remote jobs related to it then consider working for Kaplan.

You can find jobs in the respective categories like marketing, sales, instructional, and content & materials.

Remote jobs hiring

10. Lincoln financial group

Lincoln Financial is an esteemed financial services company that is dedicated to providing the best in terms of retirements outcomes.

It mainly focuses on insurance, income, retirements, and group benefits with several jobs categories on their lists.


Lionbridge is a pioneer in linguistic and translation with a record-breaking performance for the last 25 years.

It is by far the best remote company to work for in the field of content services, translation, and testing services.

12. Pearson

Pearson is a learning company that offers services in products, tools, content with the power of virtual learning.

So, this company offers sustainable employment in the field of learning which has a $1tn potential market globally.

Entry level work at home companies

13.Profit factory

Profit factory is a management services company dedicated to providing premium services for their clients virtually.

If you are able to work 40 hrs per week working online for companies doing day-to-day activities like email, social media, and blogging.

Remote jobs hiring

14. Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s biggest CRM Company that offers solutions to businesses and helps deliver work flawlessly.

Remote salesforce has to offer jobs in various categories like marketing, customer success, management, and administration.

15. SAP

SAP is a venture of friends stationed in Germany with the vision of enterprise software to give potential to big and small businesses.

During the last 49 years of innovation, SAP has strategically been helping 77% of the global trade with its smart applications & services.

Remote jobs hiring

16. Ttec

Ttec work from home jobs has several openings for call-center representatives in the U.K, Canada, and Greece.

If you are passionate about resolving issues and can dedicate a few hours in a week then this job is perfect for you.

A customer service representative is confident, tech-savvy, well researched in resolving issues.

Work from home customer service jobs

17.Language line solutions

Big work from home companies authentic

Language line solutions are working to bridge the language barrier through their highly experienced bilingual professionals.

 You have the opportunity to work for this legit company that hires you to work from home in various industries.

Like healthcare, government, and business doing interpretation, translation, and localization.

18. Enterprise holdings

big work from home companies authentic

Enterprise holding is the pioneer in providing premium transportation services covering 100 countries with 80,000 teams.

You can join this enterprise as a customer service representative or sales representative.

Online customer service jobs

19. Sykes

Big work from home companies authentic

Sykes is another company that is working to provide the best customer care & support to its clients to create a good relationship.

It offers you to be into different categories that include energy, finance, healthcare, retail, small businesses, and insurance.

Work from home call center jobs

20. Working solutions

If you want to start a career in customer service with the training provided this is where you should be applying.

Working solutions started back in 1996 and transformed into customer service business process outsourcing (BPO).

Entry-level work from home jobs

Top work at home companies/ jobs hiring now

The lists given above are among the top companies that hire independent contractors to work from home/remotely.

Hopefully, you have several lists of opportunities to work like customer service jobs, online jobs, healthcare, and call center jobs.

Some companies do require you to have experience prior to joining their company while others hire entry-level WFH jobs.

The field is limitless that includes digital marketing, copywriter, linguistics, call center, and customer service representative.

So, to get started quickly I would recommend you to apply with the basic requirements protocol and excel gradually.

I hope this post would have broadened your sphere and enabled you to think beyond limitations in addition don’t forget to share.

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