You are currently viewing 6 best google online courses free with a certificate
Google online courses free with a certificate

6 best google online courses free with a certificate

Stand out from the rest with the best google online courses for free this 2021

The best google online courses

The COVID 19 Pandemic has had business shut down save online learning.

Online learning can improve your credential and have the opportunity to stand out from the rest.

There are innumerable courses available on Google that can help you earn multiple skills learning absolutely for free.

Google besides being the largest and most popular search engine has many supreme online courses available for you.

To make your resume strong and improve your credibility it is extremely important for you to sign up with these free courses.

Courses are available that extend from science, data analytics, lead generation and many others.

These courses will help you understand different platforms, learn new skills, and always keep you ahead of your competitors.

Let’s get into the best courses offered by Google which is highly recommended for beginners and experts both.

The courses which Google offers are as follows:-

  • Fundamental of digital marketing
  • Google analytics academy course
  • Google ads certificates
  • AI Google
  • Web developers training (Google)
  • Digital garage (Google)

You can take advantage of these extremely popular and helpful certificates program for free.

Let’s start with the most demanding skills in the digital world. (Fundamental of digital marketing) 

Google online courses free with certificate 2021

1.Fundamental of digital marketing   (Google free digital marketing course)

Digital marketing is a revolutionary method of marketing process that helps you reach your audience and be visible to a wide network.

In this digital world, it becomes necessary to learn digital marketing skills.

Google is one of the most popular and besides serves many courses like digital marketing,  

I have for you the best course offered by Google absolutely for free that is brought to you by in association with Open University.

The Google digital marketing certification course is offered after you have successfully completed all the 26 modules.

The fundamental of digital marketing is divided into 26 modules each set consist key points to take your business online successfully.

You will be awarded with certificate after completing the 40 hrs long course.

Some of the topics that you will learn from fundamental of digital marketing are:

  • The online opportunity
  • Make it easy for people to find business on the web
  • Reach more people locally, on social media
  • Get more customers with advertising
  • Track and measure web traffic

So, register now for this course and earn an online certificate in digital marketing.

2. Google Ads Certificates

This is a popular method of SEM practices that will help you promote your website/business in front of the right audience.

Google skill shop is the platform that hosts this course along with several other potential courses.

That includes Ads manager & analytics academy.

This is most demanding skills that add value to the website owners in making their services/products reach the potential customers.

Skillshop will teach you the basics to becoming a master in Google Ads.

3. Google analytics

How do you know what’s working on your site & what’s not?

Google analytics can help you with all your basic requirements in improving your website, content and learn about your audience.

You will learn about the measurement tools that collect data & analysis beneficial for your business to thrive online.

Analytics course includes:-

  • Google analytics for beginners
  • Advance Google Analytics
  • Google analytics for power users
  • 360 Google Analytics

Sign up with the Google analytics course now

4. AI Google

If artificial intelligence is your thing this is where you can enhance your skills more with Google free AI course.

Google has some of the best course available to get into this AI stream and explore new possibilities of learning & improving your skills.

Machines are becoming smarter paving the way for an endless opportunity.

AI Google you will know how it affects our lives?

5. Web developers training (Google)

Are you willing to demonstrate your proficiency & skills?

You will earn a certificate after successfully completing the course online that is coordinated by excellent trainers.

In this web developer training you has the opportunity to learn skills of entry-level associate developer.

This test requires you to get accustomed to skills of a beginner level associate android developer.

The other certificate program is tensorflow developer certificate.

This will help you learn about foundation knowledge machine learning tools & applications.

Cloud certified program for professional cloud architect that examines your ability in designing, building and machine solutions.

Furthermore designing & building data processing systems, deploy apps, monitor operations and maintain cloud projects.

Seems interesting then consider taking this course online.

6. Digital garage (Google)

Digital garage has some best online courses available that you can take advantage of in improving your understanding of the required skills.

This platform enables you to learn the required skills to thrive in the digital world spreading across various topics.

That includes data & tech, digital marketing and career development.

Get along with the course at your own convenience with flexibility & free training classes created to make best things happen online.

Generally, most of the courses on digital garage are free that will not cost you a dime while some require to be earned.

Topics that you might be interested in are:-

  • The digital opportunity
  • How website works
  • Build a strong online strategy
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Create long term social media plan
  • Learn exporting and expand your business online.

These are only few and the possibility to enhance your skills with digital garage is beyond excellence.

You also have the opportunity to other skills that help your stand out in the crowd.

That includes:-

  • Build a CV and write a cover letter
  • Find your career goals
  • Get started with digital advertising

How can I get Google certified for free?

Google has unique courses out online that are free to learn from anywhere you want and improve you understanding of the digital sphere.

You can log into Google official website (learn with Google), Google drive and few other portal and access hundreds of courses for free.

These courses are specifically designed to empower you with the essential skills that will help you to master different subject.

The courses include data science, digital marketing, Google AI, Python, analytics and management.

To pursue these offered courses online there is no requirement for anyone to be highly qualified.

Does Google offer free courses?

Yes, they do

They offer some great comprehensive courses online that can help you create new possibilities in the digital world.

Some of the course that include are: –

  • Bring your business online
  • Sell & deliver online
  • Engage your customers
  • Reach the right audience with ads
  • Run your business remotely
  • Business strategy
  • Master digital marketing

Take your business online with its comprehensive 55 minutes course crafted for beginners and reach new goals online.

Learn how to list items on the eCommerce store online and make the best use of the Internet to grow your business with its 25 min course.

Take deep dive into Insight with Google analytic tool and build the best strategy to target your potential customers.

Online Ads is a helpful way to reach your targeted audience on the internet with its Google ads free course.

Learn the basics of effectively run your online business while maintaining everything in order with its 1 hr. free course.

Another best way is to learn how to use the tools available online to reach new heights and generate leads for growth.

What are the best free online certificate courses?

Earning an online certificate that is well acclaimed over the world help you increase your understanding of trending topics.

You can have a good impact on that companies/recruiter looking for experienced & talented candidates.

Online learning has made it convenience to easily access the potential of learning from the comfort of your home.

There are few renowned platforms that have loads of trending courses available ready for you to learn.

Some of these are as following:-

Thousands of people have switched to online learning since the outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The MOOC (Massive open online courses) records a huge influx of online learners to learn their desired courses online.

Some of the most popular online courses are as following:-

  • COVID 19 Contract tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence with python
  • How to teach online – Future learn
  • Teaching young children’s online
  • Social media management – Coursera

How do I become a Google course certified?

It is vital to create an outstanding marketing strategy, increase sales and attract new customers.

To make things work properly you have to think beyond just an online presence.

Creating content for your blogs & websites that is fruitful & engaging is the key that allow your business to grow.

The content you devise must entice readers to read it.


So, far you have with you the best free courses available on the internet to scale your business and learn new ways to grow.

To begin with I would suggest you to go with fundamentals of digital marketing; it has nearly everything for your use.

This course it built to inform the users regarding the digital aspects of running a blog/business online.

And by the end of this free course you get a digital certificate as well.

The popular on the list is to take your business online with the 55 minutes course crafted by Google for absolute beginners

Skills that you will learn from this course are display advertising, ecommerce, SEM, analytics and business strategy.

The other most required skills is running a successful ads online, ads can really help you grow your business exponentially.

This free ads course encompasses learning ads skills that includes

From earn an online certificate, mastering the essentials of running a successful ads campaign and bidding strategies.

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