You are currently viewing 6 Best WordPress hosting reliable, secure & high performance
6 Best WordPress hosting reliable, secure & high performance?

6 Best WordPress hosting reliable, secure & high performance

The best WordPress hosting solutions reliable, secure and optimized for your blogs & ecommerce.

Best WordPress web hosting

Are you looking to start your own website and finding out the best WordPress hosting?

The online marketplace will bombard you with hundreds of offers and plans to choose their web host provider.

Not only hosting is an integral part of a website but best hosting can help you with different technical aspects of running a blog.

In this post I will take you through different service providers that best suits your needs of starting a high end blog.

Best WordPress Hosting providers

1. Bluehost

It’s the choice of many website owners but does it has the technical aspect to be the best in terms of WordPress hosting provider?

Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting solutions and among which “WordPress hosting” is the top choices of bloggers.

It has earned the title of best hosting for small business owners and is consequently recommended by WordPress itself.

The WordPress website owners who often experience slow running of their site mostly due to influx of visitors.

Increased traffic can certainly hamper the smooth running of websites but not with its 24/7 managed WordPress hosting.

You can easily share your queries on the toll-free number with its highly skilled support team will be there to solve the issue.

Their excellent customer service is what attracts million of website owners that makes it the optimal choice for hosting.

2. Siteground

Siteground is the optimal choice for high traffic users for its accuracy and speed.

Besides bluehost this is another best popular WordPress hosting provider and has excellent record in terms of reliable hosting.

It’s Reliable hosting solution that encompasses security and customized WordPress support making it uniquely unmatchable.

With siteground you get the option to choose form three different hosting centre that include USA, Europe and Asia.

3. Hostinger

It is becoming popular among beginners who want to dive into the digital marketplace and offer cheap hosting solutions.

Anyone with limited traffic of around 10k – 25k can choose to host their site that gives you fantastic amazing features.

You have multiple choices to select from its WordPress hosting pack at $1.99/month to $11.59/ month.

That starts from beginner, WP Starter, business and WP Pro.

You get free domain with the pack except the beginner, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth and 30 day money back guarantee.

Its hosting services is quick, secure that offers lightspeed’s cache engine, cloudfare protection and 24/7 portection.

With the professional team of workers you got everything covered from solving any issue to an amazing experience.

They offer you free migration tool to easily transfer your site to their hosting.

4. Inmotion hosting

If speed is what you are looking for this is where you can switch to.

For wordpress users speed has always been the significant issue running a blog/website and to cope up with that you have inmotion hosting.

They now have a limited offer for improving speed with 12x faster performance than your regular hosting by skilled WP experts.

Their hosting plans offer free domain & SSL for all its plans that include WP 1000s to WP 4000s.

The features included in their plans are pre installation WP, migration tools, optimizations tools, WP themes and plugins.

In addition its hosting plans are assisted by 24/7 customer service staff situated in the United States.

50,000 customers choose inmotion WP hosting for the ultra stack base that helps enhance WP speed with advance caching.

Their advance caching tools ensures you get a wonderful experience and its in-house experts make it a unique choice.

Inmotion dedicated team of experts will always check that your website is protected from any kind of threats.

While you enjoy working on your website leaving the hassle of blocking malware, viruses and updates from time to time


5. Dreamhost

Well, this may the end of your nightmare experiencing slow, inanimate and inconspicuous wordpress website.

If you experience any of the above mentioned issue then the time to switch to dreamhost is now.

To turning into reliable, fast and excellent customer support for high traffic wp users.

WordPress users has three different multiple choices to select their plan like new, managed and VPS

For an amazing experience running your blogs, business and ecommerce sites it is another recommendation by WP.

Dreamhost WP managed offer smooth and fully functioning hosting with relatively 100% uptime.

The company states it will put all the money back in your account if it fails to fulfil their promise.

If by any chance you happen to come across any issue its in house WP experts will help you in fixing back to normal.

Their dedicated team of experts are present 24/7 to assist you through live chat or email.

Choose the plan according to your requirements and its technicalities associated with it.

Switch your WordPress hosting with the fast, reliable and easy to use migration tools.

6. WP Engine

Looking for more advanced hosting solutions to carry out your ecommerce business online?

The WP Engine is a Managed WP hosting company that holds some popular companies on the lists.

Lists included are yelp, AMD, Thomson reuters, Pandora and sleep number in conjunction with 1.2 million websites.

That’s business you know!!

“It’s literally like having an army of WordPress experts on your side.” Syed Balkhi

 WP Engine is endorsed by syed balkhi, brad Williams and van der van for its outstanding performance.

Whether you have an idea in the pipe line for starting a small business, agency or enterprise they got you covered.

To Security measures, constant monitoring of your WordPress website to give you an amazing experience all together.

You get an excellent solution with millions of traffic coming to your site that loads fast, optimized and scalability uncompromised.

How to find out Your Hosting Needs?

Hosting is the primary factor that keeps your blog running 24/7 all day long but it can be daunting if you have made poor choices.

Slow loading websites is extremely bad for your online business (websites), no one would ever be coming back to your site.

This makes it compulsory for you to get high performance; optimized hosting solutions that get all your need in one go.

Here are the tips that will help you decide what your hosting needs are?


1.       Shared WordPress Hosting – if you have been looking for starting a new blog this shared server hosting is a good choice.

It’s reliable, affordable and cheap for small businesses.

2.       Managed WordPress hosting – it is important for large businesses to invest in good hosting that take care of all your technical stuffs.

Like you don’t have to worry on updates, fixing errors and maintenances everything is covered in this hosting plan.

3.       WordPress VPS hosting – VPS hosting provides you privacy in conjunction with shared servers for managed WordPress hosting solutions.

It is optimal for growing business to block any unwanted cyber attacks and provides you excellent customer support.

4.       WordPress dedicated server hosting – it’s likely for businesses to have all the control within themselves which dedicated hosting account for.

They let you access their leased servers for high end traffic blogs.


5.       Free WordPress hosting – it’s advised to avoid the free version that has some limitations and always keep your barred for scaling.


How to choose the best WordPress hosting?

These 4 important key points plays a significant role in choosing good hosting services.

  • Speed — The server load speed should be under 300 ms
  • Uptime — Hosting with 99% uptime is the optimal requirement.
  • Customer Service — Excellent customer support 24/7 availability

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is no different from any other web hosting companies, they keep your website live on the internet.

The hosting strive to keep your blog up and running WP host websites images, files, data and your posts.

It is particularly used to host your personal WP sites that give you several benefits like optimizations, maintenance and error fixes.

Do you need a managed WordPress hosting?

It is the most vital part often asked why we need a managed wordpress hosting?

Well, from time you start building your site to running it smoothly you may need time and again to fix minor errors.

That can be from SEO, updates, analytics and maintain it to it’s optimal for an amazing experience but with managed WP it’s easy.

Websites hosted on managed hosting (WordPress) is likely built to benefit you from daily updates, traffic and marketing needs.

This enables you to enjoy the best in class experience while the team of hosting provider takes care of all the needs.

Which is the best hosting for WordPress?

Bluehost is the optimal choice for WP users who have just started out and would love to explore get some more experience.

Its excellent customer support makes it fantastic for any beginners to bring in all the requirements to run your sites smoothly.

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

So, you have been thinking a starting afresh WP sites and looking for a reliable options with decent traffic and scalability.

Two of the popular hosting services are good choice they are Siteground and Hostinger.

Siteground is popular for speed and optimizations while hostinger is very cheap and easy option to go for.

What is the fastest hosting for WordPress?

If traffic is your concern and it always keeps increasing in this case you need a good, powerful, best in class hosting providers.

You can go with Dreamhost, WP Engine and Inmotion hosting.

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