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best WordPress plugins for blogs

10 best & free WordPress plugins for blogs & websites 2023

To run your site smoothly here are the best selection of WordPress plugins you need for you blogs and business websites 2023

best & free WordPress plugins

Thousands of plugins are available to download on the WordPress plugins directory for a smooth and effortless experience.

With each having its own functionality you can add them to your blogs/ websites to make any tasks simple and effective.

WordPress is the most popular CMS that has powered over 30% of online content across the globe.

That has made creating websites simple and easy certainly the technological advancements have made things easy.

The excellent power-packed features kind of make it the number 1 choice of a person to opt for WordPress.

It’s a Pre-made template with stunning designs that provide your website a dynamic look and the option to add more features.

You can also add some features to your WordPress by adding some of the best and most reliable WordPress plugins.

The WordPress plugins are apps that are made to provide your websites some needed functionality that includes SEO, Table, XML, and images compression.

This post will check out the best and most reliable WordPress plugins ready to give your website a boost.

WordPress popular pluings free download

1. YOAST SEO Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

How you are going to let your blogs get found on search engines?

The only reliable process for this task is to learn SEO.

SEO can be daunting sometimes and require time and effort to master this skill.

However, WordPress has some useful plugins like all-in-one SEO, rank math, and last but not least YOAST SEO.

Among all YOAST is recommended the most and has around 5 million installations.

The Number is quite satisfying.

This plugin makes your SEO effort easy by adding your focus keyphrase, synonyms, H1 & H2 tags, readability, and Metadata.

As you can access your YOAST plugins easily and start using them for maximum impact.

Let’s start with your focus keyphrase “Best WordPress Plugins” now this allows you to create content around these keywords.

Moreover, you can add more related synonyms for powerful SEO Optimizations for which you may have to connect YOAST to SEMrush.

You can adjust your desired keywords and check for yourself on the preview before finally publishing your post.

The next part is adding keywords on slug also “Permalinks”. It is advisable to keep your permalinks short and to the point.

Now you have the title, url (permalinks) and the final SEO work is to strategically curate your metadata.

The Meta description is the short information you see when searching for posts below the title on search engines.

So, keeping in mind the title and keyphrase you will write your Metadata that you wish to appear on search engines.

It should start with “The best list of WordPress plugins for successful and effective blogging experience in 2022”.

The other tab gives your content the perfect look that includes content readability, active voice, subheading, paragraph, and length.

2. AKISMET ANTI SPAM Best plugin for spam protection.

It is terrible when unwanted comments start appearing on your website as soon as it becomes live.

Well, you can’t stop scammers but with the AKISMET plugin you can stop spam comments.

It is that one thing that you don’t want to ruin the experience of your visitors on your website giving a totally bad image.

This is what makes WordPress the most preferred choice when it comes to starting a website or a blog.

WordPress has the best plugin for spam protection that is (Akismet) which has over 35 million downloads and installations.

It is a popular plugin that has made protecting spam comments effortlessly easy and reliable.

The creator of this plugin is Automattic the mind behind WordPress.

You can use this plugin for free and it also gives you the opportunity to update for more exclusive features for protection.

3. WORDFENCE SECURITY Best WordPress security plugin

Security is the most vital part of every website which you don’t want to compromise with.

Sometimes you may have experienced some technical issues on your sites that make you worry in panic.

To protect your sites from unwanted attacks from potential hackers around the world making them less prone to attacks.

To help you with that you have an amazing security plugin Wordfence that gives your site overall protection from threats.

 You have to upgrade to use it for maximum potential although starting with the free version is also helpful.

Buying this plugin is a great choice for any WordPress enthusiast who loves to spend more time creating content.

You can access all the data on its dashboard the total attacks blocked, manage the scanning, and several other features.

 It has more than 4 million active installations and is a perfect choice for any beginner.

4. WP SUPER CACHE Best WordPress cache plugins

Everyone faces this issue of websites getting slow.        

Well, the more features, plugins, images, and several other features make any site prone to load slowly.

It’s annoying when looking for your required content and waiting for it to just finish the process of displaying items.

This can be a pain in the arse.

Sites loading slowly can have a negative impact on its viewers and often look for some other for reliable information.

Sales on the other hand can significantly decrease your revenue impacting your overall estimated monthly sales.

Thankfully you have caching plugins.

Caching plugin is the best companion for deleting cache files that you may have had while visiting other sites and portals.

WP Super Cache is a quick time-saver that makes it easy to minimize the load time of websites by clearing out the different caches.

5. XML SITEMAPS Best WordPress sitemap plugins

Search engines require your web sitemaps to index your websites.

You can do it manually though but with these WordPress plugins, it has become easy.

Sitemaps give information to Google on the structure of your websites thus helping Google to crawl your website.

Without a sitemap, your rankings can have serious implications so the XML Sitemaps plugin is the best and free option for you.

You can install this plugin through add new plugins on your WordPress dashboard that helps create sitemaps with just a click.

The sitemap sends information to search engines if any changes may take place on your website in the future.

Every time you update or write a post the search engines automatically get a notification for any new things added.

That’s pretty impressive!!

If you haven’t done it yet what are you waiting for go get your sitemap now?

6. CONTACT  7 Best WordPress plugins for contact

It’s a plugin that makes connecting with your audiences easy and that too for free.

The best features of the contact plugin are that it makes it really simple and easy to connect with your followers easily.

You will find it extremely annoying to let users find your email address and type in the mail it’s a laborious task.

That we all seem to avoid at all cost.

Among others, this is the best user-friendly and is perfect for beginners.

It has more than 5 million active installations with more features added to make it an amazing experience.

Some of the features include Recaptcha, Akismet, constant contact, and send in blue.

7. MONSTER INSIGHTS Best google analytics plugins for WordPress

Informational data related to your website is an important factor for continued growth and scalability.

Without data, you are certainly aimless.

Data let you find out the content your audience loves to read and engage with and also helps you improve.

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful product that gives insights into your user’s experience and lets you find out what’s working.

However with some helpful plugins like monster insights you have the power to access your audience’s behavior and user experiences.

It will help you locate the most trending content that your users are engaging with that brings lots of traffic.

In terms of bringing traffic to your website, it gives you a clear picture of the manner in which you write content.

The monster insights plugins help you easily configure your Google analytics report in your dashboard.

Tracking can’t get much easier than this.

To fully access this plugin you will need to connect your google analytics to your website and finally authenticate it with monster insights.


How many times you have had to add given codes to your WordPress website?

I guess many times isn’t it?

This is a technical part of running a website and sometimes maybe scary knowing that you may ruin the site structure.

Well for this you are gifted with the best plugins for adding codes on your site which are insert header and footer plugins.

 You may have to add adsense code, pinterest follow popup code, email marketing codes, and others.

With this Insert header and footer plugin, this task becomes extremely simple and easy.

It has more than 1 million active installations on wordpress with a good rating.

You can access many other configurations by adding google analytics code to themes, custom CSS, and Facebook pixels.

9. WOOCOMMERCE Best ecommerce plugin for WordPress

Ecommerce has been growing very rapidly and seems nowhere to stop.

The growth of the eCommerce industry has provided opportunities to everyone seeking to make online earning a career.

How to start ecommerce on WordPress?

There are some popular plugins that help you easily create your store online and start making money.

Among which the best is Woocommerce which is specifically built to enable you to start selling online without any hassle.

It is the most popular ecommerce plugin which has more than 5 million active installations on WordPress.

It is a fully functional ecommerce plugin that is stuffed with all the features needed to create a stunning ecom website.

The best and reliable WordPress plugins for blogs and business websites.

So far we have discussed the best WordPress plugins required to start a power-packed blog.

These are just a few along with the necessary plugins required for running a website.

The first thing that is extremely important for you is to add YOAST SEO Plugin that makes people find your valuable content.

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